Hematology - How to think? Which hematology instrument is right for you and why you should still have a microscope available

Brief review of measurement methods; impedance and flowcytometry as well as some of their advantages and disadvantages. How to look at your results from the hematology instrument and understand if its reliable.

Microscopy – bloodsmears can provide very valuable information with just a glance.


Linda Backman, Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus, Sweden

Date| time | duration:

2021-09-17| 13:00 CET | 1,5 h

Who should attend:

Exigo distributors and customers

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Linda Backman

Linda Backman

BSc, Laboratory science
Biomedical Scientist at the Blue star animal hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden


Linda Backman serves as a certified biomedical scientist at the Blue star animal hospital, where she works with biochemistry, endocrinology, microbiology, cytology and hematology. She has solid professional and personal interest to specialize in the subjects involving microscopy.

In addition, she has a solid background in human virology and bacteriology from previous work at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.