Micro Pipette Adapter


Capillary sample

The micropipette adapter (MPA) method, based on a simple finger-stick sample taken directly from the patient, is an exclusive feature in hematology analyzers today.

Especially suited for children and blood banks

As a finger-stick is largely painless, the MPA is a suitable way to take and analyze blood samples from children or other patients. For blood banks, the functionality provides a tool for making fast pre-donation blood cell determinations. It also saves the vein for donation. Read instruction how to take a micro-pipette capillary sample

Finger-stick blood is all you need

From the doctor’s office and small labs to medium-sized clinical units, Boule hematology analyzer delivers a CBC and a 3-part WBC differential, with accuracy and reliability. The MPA inlet allows a complete blood count from one drop of blood in a minute.

MPA adapter – 20 μL blood is all it takes

Draw 20 μL blood from a simple finger-stick, slide tube into adapter and insert into the analyzer. The analysis starts automatically. In about one minute, you see the full blood screen on the display. No preparation, no pre-dilution and no vacuum tubes required. It’s that simple.

How-to videos MPA

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Medonic M32

Instruction to use MPA

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