Medonic M51 reagents

Boule’s cell count processes have been tested and optimized for decades for robust and reliable analysis results. The use of the reagents designed by Boule Diagnostics for the specific instrument ensures analytical quality and performance of the hematology system.

Proven performance

The reagent composition is of utmost importance for reliable results. The Diluent provides an isotonic environment for the RBCs and PLTs, while the Lyse reagent is capable of lysing the RBCs to release HGB and shrink the WBCs to allow differentiation of these cells into their subgroups. 

Convenient logistics

Only three reagents are required for the Medonic M51 analyzer— Diluent, Lyse 1, and Lyse 2—which greatly facilitates handling and logistics and helps reduce running costs. Simply scan the RFID card on the reagent container and the analyzer stores key information such as lot number, open and expiry dates, and remaining volume.

Secure management

To avoid reagent shortage and to ensure an exact sample dilution each time, Boule adds a small extra volume to each reagent container. To prevent air from entering the system, the small volume that is left in the container when all cycles are consumed should not be used.


Article name Article description Article no.
Medonic M51-D Diluent 20 L 1504510
Medonic M51-L1 Lyse 200 mL 1504511
Medonic M51-L2 Lyse 500 mL 1504512
Boule EasyCleaner 50 mL 1504513

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