Medonic hematology analyzer - designed for uptime and a durable performance

Brand-new technology straight out of the box tends to do what its manufacturer says it does. But what about after a year? Two years? Five? That durability and long-term reliability is one of the hidden performance gains you can get with Medonic M32. Along with less maintenance, more uptime and longer before you need to consider a replacement.

Technology – especially electronics and computer technology in recent decades – has revolutionized the way most of us live and work. Take the smartphone as just one example. Now, we’re used to having instant information and communication in our pocket or bag. Wherever we are in the world and whatever the time, connecting with the most important people in our lives, finding answers to difficult questions or just surfing the digital waves are all just a touch of the finger away.

But with this new fast-changing society, a new fast-changing economy also follows. Smartphones, computers and other gadgets are often built to perform to spec fresh out of the box, then the performance will deteriorate – sometimes very quickly in the case of battery-driven products – and you’ll end up replacing your equipment after a few short years with the next latest and greatest, must-have model. That “planned obsolescence” to get you buying at regular intervals is all part of the design …


Analyzing the future

By now, you’re probably wondering – and fearing – what this has to do with your automated hematology analyzer. Well, the good news is that Boule doesn’t work the same way as consumer tech giants. Given the importance of our analyzers for achieving optimal patient outcomes and a smoother working day with less stress, we believe that your investment should keep paying off over the years with the same accurate and reliable performance. Whether it’s the very first sample or the 24,381st. Put simply, our analyzers like the Medonic M32 are built to last.

Medonic sampler wheel

Medonic M32 sampler autoloader


But still, when choosing an automated hematology analyzer, it’s important to ensure that it will perform – and keep performing – in real life. Typically, a new hematology system’s performance is verified before it’s put into routine clinical use. This involves checking qualities like accuracy, precision, carryover, background, and linearity. However, there’s a critical performance aspect missing: How wear and tear will affect performance over time.

Real-life performance at its best

So, when you compare performance specifications between different analyzers, spare an extra thought for the features designed to reduce wear and tear, as well as resulting maintenance and downtime.

Hopefully this can give you a useful benchmark, but here are some of the long-term performance features built into the Medonic M32:

• Consistent sampling volume
Every Medonic M32 analyzer comes equipped with a high-precision shear valve that cuts an absolute sample volume to be used for analysis. A closed shear valve design reduces maintenance and maximizes uptime. To avoid wear and tear of the shearing discs, the shear valve is soaked in Diluent, reducing the need for replacement. But it also prevents impurities getting in that might cause contamination and leakage. What’s more, the shear valve is automatically flushed with Diluent to prevent build-up of salt deposits that might also cause leakage.

• No moving parts in the dilution system
There are no pistons or other moving parts used in the dilution system to minimize maintenance and service needs.

• Lower risk of clogging
The air pump generates pressure that pushes the finally diluted sample through the aperture in the measuring chambers. To reduce risk for clogging, high voltage burning of the aperture is automatically carried out. But, and this is typical of the long-term approach, only when needed, which will reduce wear and tear.

Shear valve

Shear valve


Medonic M32 is tailored to the smaller hospital or clinical laboratory. But, as you can see, that’s not just about compact design, ease of use, reliability and the accurate quantitative results over 22 parameters. It’s also about proven durability over time, with the added bonus of minimal maintenance and downtime. Because quality lasts.

If you are interested in digging deeper and finding out exactly how Medonic M32 can help you and your patients in your environment, just visit the Medonic M32 product page.


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