In November 2022, Boule received IVDR certification for Swelab Alfa Plus and Medonic M32 hematology instruments.

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Medlab Middle East 6-9 February

The result of this study is the first to analyze hematological parameters in a large sample of Siberian tigers.

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In a study of NK cell repertoire and tuberculosis (TB), a diversified population of NK cells were found.

In a Nigerian study, differences between HIV positive and HIV negative pregnant women in Nigeria were found.

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In a study, UK and Iraq scientists investigated the correlation of inflammation biomarker levels with the progression of the coronavirus

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Science House Medicals in Bhopal, India, is a provider of diagnostic services to government healthcare facilities.

Many infections affect the blood cells. CBC results are therefore widely requested in early fever investigations.

An initiative for diagnostic testing of more people is mobile laboratories with 24-hour report turnaround time.

New SVP Commercial Operations US will take over from Bob Ariano who will retire after more than 9 successful years.